Connect is the heart of Riverbend Church; it is where we grow as members. In Connect, there is a level of trust and fellowship: talking about the week, hearing hearts poured out for people being prayed for, sharing spiritual struggles- "Living Connected". We believe that Connect is where we have have the greatest opportunity to minister. One aspect of our vision is that of Loving God.  In Connect we study God’s Word to know it in such a way that we obey Him.  We meet weekly to grow, encourage, challenge, pray and worship. (Hebrews 10:23-25; 1 Thessalonians 2:6-8) .

Below are this semesters Connect Group leaders and meeting times.  

Marc Clark - 12pm Sundays

Ben Boren - 5pm Sundays

Chase McNatt - 5pm Sundays 

Rodney Hollingsworth - 5pm Sundays

Bob Jones - 6pm Sundays

Lee Hensley - 6pm Sundays

Todd McGinnis - 6pm Sundays

Bubba Harris - 6pm Thursdays

John Hanson - 5pm Saturdays

For more information on how to get "Connected" to a Connect group please contact Alex Phelan.